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Ana Jorges...

...is the author of more than twenty short stories and novels.

Her newest work is the e-book trilogy series "The Falcon", "The Phoenix" and "The Crown" -- an epic story of exotic magic, and innocence, facing horrible evil.

Official Website! Her books strike a balance between many different age groups -- they are sophisticated enough for adults but engaging enough for youngsters. Her books are highly readable, in the tradition of Tolkien, LeGuinn, and other great fantasy writers.

This website...

...is the OFFICIAL Ana Jorges site! Although this site is sponsored by The FreeLook BookStore - they have no editorial control over its content, and we are completely independent.

This site is for the fans of ANA JORGES, of which there are legions...

For her eyes are green / And her look is keen / And her lips are sweet as water;

Let the brave beware / When they storm the lair / Of the Serpent's golden daughter!

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